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Sailor Moon Info
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"A thousand years ago, our moon was home to a great civilization ruled by Queen Serenity. Everything was peaceful until the arrival of the evil Queen Beryl. To conquer the moon, Queen Beryl unleashed the awesome power of the Negaforce. Although her world was destroyed, Queen Serenity?ast hope was the power of the imperium silver crystal and the crescent moon wand. Trapped in moon beam crystals, the queen sent the princess, Princess Serena, and the children of the moon to the future on earth. Their memories lost to them all, the queen?at advisors Luna and Artemis must find the princess so she will at last be safe. And so our story begins..." (Narrator, Episode 1: A Moon Star is Born)

SAILOR MOON is a story about a regular girl whom is confronted by a talking cat named Luna, this girl was living a normal life, until this cat had confronted her. Serena was very suprised, but definatly not as surprised as Luna, "How could this clumsy girl be Sailor Moon? This must be a mistake!"

At first, Serena was very scared. She did not want ot fight, she wanted a normal life, boys and all...FOOD TOO! Serena is well known as a girl who eats too much and sleeps way too much. But, there is hope, Serena takes her destiny on and continues to be Sailor Moon, living up to her longer is she scared anymore...well, not most of the time, anyways.
Later on, 4 more scouts join the time...Amy~Sailor Mercury, Raye~Sailor Mars, Lita~Sailor Jupiter, and Mina~Sailor Venus...(Actually the first sailor scout, but last to join the group, she alone was known as Sailor V, she had action dolls, video games, and movies too! Sailor V was BIG!) ......................................................
Things continued on...

Sailor Moon
The first season of Sailor Moon begins with Serena, a 14 year old teenager, who finds out from a cat named Luna that she is a Sailor Scout. She transforms into Sailor Moon, finding out that she is the chosen one, destined to fight against a powerful evil force led by Queen Beryl who is fixated on world domination by stealing enough energy from humans to fuel their attack. As the season progresses, four other Sailor Scouts are discovered - Sailor Mercury (Amy), Sailor Mars (Raye), Sailor Jupiter (Lita), and Sailor Venus (Mina), as well as another cat guardian named Artemis. Along side a mysterious masked man, Tuxedo Mask, who often shows up in the nick of time to aid the Sailor Scouts, they battle many monsters of the Negaverse. One the their main missions was to find the Moon Princess. They find out later the she was right in front of their eyes; Serena was the Moon Princess. Also, they finally discover the true identity of Tuxedo Mask, his name is Darien. Unfortunately, during a battle, Tuxedo mask is injured protecting her and is taken away by Queen Beryl.
In Queen Beryl?ealm, Tuxedo Mask is brainwashed and is forced to fight against the Sailor Scouts. Serena, who is destined to be with Darien (Tuxedo Mask), is determined to get him back. Later, the Scouts find Queen?eryl?ecret domain, in the North Pole, and go there to rescue Tuxedo Mask and to prevent the Negaforce from launching an attack against the world. At the North Pole, one by one, the Sailor Scouts are slowly killed until only Sailor Moon remains. It is at this time that she is swept away and is taken to meet with Queen Beryl. There, Queen Beryl orders Tuxedo Mask (also known as Prince Darien) to retrieve Sailor Moon?ilver Imperium Crystal. Fortunately, Sailor Moon is able to free him by showing him her star locket, a gift given to her long ago by him. In the final battle between Princess Serena (Sailor Moon) and Queen Beryl, Serena, along with the spirits of her fellow Sailor Scouts, defeat Queen Beryl, saving the universe. Concluding the first season, Serena and her four friends remember nothing as Sailor Scouts. They do not remember each other or who they were, and are allowed to live their lives normally.

Sailor Moon R
The second season, Sailor Moon R, is a continuation of the first season. The memories of the Sailor Scouts are given back to them as a new evil force threatens earth once more. This time, by two aliens named Anne and Alan who pose as students at the local junior high school, stealing energy to feed its Doom Tree which is the only thing that keeps them alive. Throughout this half of this season, monsters called "Cardians" try to steal energy from humans to feed the Doom Tree. Eventually, with the help of Sailor Moon, both Anne and Alan find out that the way to live out their lives is through love. Sailor Moon heals the tree while Anne and Alan get a second chance to start over. This first half of the season is unimportant to this as it only serves the purpose of reintroducing Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts.
The second half of the first season begins with Serena and Darien as a couple. In the first episode, Serena and Darien are in the park together, about to kiss each other, when all of a sudden, a child with pink hair falls from the sky into Darien?rms, landing on top of Serena. This child?ame is Rini, a character sent from the future called ?stal Tokyo?? search of her mother in the past and the silver crystal. Unfortunately, shortly after Rini?rrival, Darien has nightmares of Serena being hurt if he doesn?tay away from her. As a result, Darien breaks up with Serena, crushing her heart. Also, new enemies are then introduced including Rubius and the four sisters - Katsy, Birdie, Prisma, and Avery from the ?k-Moon??hese people are sent by someone called the ?eman??om the future to try to stop Rini and disrupt the past of Tokyo so that the forces of the Dark-Moon will have an easier time taking over Crystal Tokyo of the future. Eventually the four sisters turn good but the Sailor Scouts still have Rubius to contend with.

Sailor Moon R
The Sailor Scouts defeat Rubeus but encounter other powerful foes from the future.
The appearance of new enemies including Prince Diamond, Saphire, and Emerald. These characters are members of the "Dark Moon" family who threaten the earth in the future. They were originally banished to a planet called Nemisis and come back for revenge.
The first appearance of Sailor Pluto.
Everyone finds out that Rini is Serena and Darien's daughter from the future.
Serena finds out that she will be Neo-Queen Serenity in the future.
Rini came to the past to find the silver crystal and bring it back to the future because she lost it while she was playing with it one day.
Rini is captured by the forces of the Dark-Moon. They excelerate her growth and she becomes a character named "Black Lady" (or "Wicked Lady") who has no memories of her former childhood and fights for the Dark-Moon.
By the end, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts showdown against the Wiseman himself. (Guess who wins)

Sailor Moon S
Sailor Moon S begins with Raye having a vision about the future. It is in her vision that she foresees the destruction of civilization on earth.
Professor Tomoe, a mad scientist, creates monsters from magical seeds. These monsters take the life energy out of people which physically appear as crystals.
Mysterious warriors appear to aid the Sailor Scouts. (Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune) They don't really aid the Sailor Scouts but are only in search of a certain life energy or "talisman" which can save the future.
Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto all possess these "talismans". Sailor Uranus possess one in the form of a sword, Sailor Neptune has one as a mirror, and Sailor Pluto has one as a round orb. These three "talisman" combine to form the "Crisis Cup" which Sailor Moon uses in her "Crisis Make-Up" transformation.
Rini meets a girl who eventually becomes Sailor Saturn. Her father is the mad scientist, Professor Tomoe.
The Sailor Scouts encounter other villains including the Witches 5, Mistress 9, Kaolinite, and the Death Busters.
Rini transforms into Sailor Chibi-Moon (or Sailor Mini-Moon).

Sailor Moon SS
Appearance of a new grey cat.
Appearance of "Pegasus".
Villains include characters named Dead Moon Circus and Nephrenia.

Sailor Moon Stars
Introduction of the "Sailor Starlites", three male singers who could possibly be new Sailor Scouts.
Villains include characters named Galaxia and Iron Mouse.
A small 3 to 4 year old girl named Chibi-Chibi appears. No one knows who she is or where she came from.

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